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Classic Audio Products of Illinois

Classic Audio Products of Illinois or “Capi” for short, is very small company that is owned and operated by Jeff Steiger.
Jeff is renowned as the lovely guy that ripped apart an early 70′s API console and reverse engineered a fair wack of it’s working components..
It’s from this that Jeff is responsible for some very good and affordable “recreations” of some lovely early API gear in a 500 format and more importantly as DIY kits..
Jeff’s more popular DIY kits are the VP26 and the VP28 Mic Pre which have a definite character to them that are obviously reminiscent of that early API flavour..

However, if DIY isn’t your thing, which it certainly is not in my case, then never fear… A young fella by the name of James Bakker can answer all your questions.. James
operates a company called Custom Analog Services which offers all seven of the Capi kits in an assembled and tested form.. The beauty of this arrangement is he builds them and orders them to your exact requirements..
I can’t say enough good things about James, his communication is swift and precise and his craftsmanship is solid a s a rock and on the shipping and packing front he’s thorough, precise and well detailed.


Photo’s supplied by Custom Analog Services



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